Leather UK strategy 2021-26

In 2016 Leather UK (then UK Leather Federation), began a five year strategic plan which aimed to expand the remit and coverage of the organisation and increase its presence as the voice of the UK leather industry. This strategy achieved many of its goals, in particular expanding the membership of Leather UK beyond its traditional limits and increasing its reach, through both expansion of the membership and greatly increased activity on social media.

The pressures on the UK and global leather industry have increased and there is growing trend, often on the basis of misinformation or misrepresentation, away from the use of leather. Leather UK has identified that the primary goal of the new strategy should be to promote and educate about leather in the UK. This will be delivered through the achievement of four guiding ambitions:

• Helping the UK leather industry to grow and thrive;
• Becoming the authoritative voice for the whole UK leather supply chain;
• Strategically promoting the value and sustainability of the UK leather sector;
• Addressing concerns and misconception about leather through good quality research

To achieve this, the strategy will focus on four primary areas:
Membership; Research; Resource and; Public Relations.

These four areas build upon one another and the anticipated cumulative impact will be the enhanced profile and credibility that Leather UK needs to be seen as the voice and reference point for understanding of the UK leather sector.

Download the full strategy.

Our 2016-2021 strategy. Download here

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