Welcome to the ‘Leather for Life’ Swing Tag Project, a labelling initiative for British leather goods. Proudly supported by Leather UK member, The Worshipful Company of Curriers. 

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The ‘Leather for Life’ initiative is designed to give consumers the most up to date, reliable information about leather. Consumers will encounter it at the point of purchase, when they are most likely to be looking for and receptive to such information. It will include a range of facts, including how leather is produced and its status as a by-product of the food industry.  It will address misinformation – much of which has been revealed by Leather UK's consumer research - and topics such as leather’s sustainability credentials.

Use of the swing tag label will be available to anyone in the UK involved in the design, manufacture and retail of leather and leather products, to help further educate their customers about the leather products they are buying. The tag will carry a QR code that will direct people to a dedicated landing page with information on all aspects of the material, from production, to leather care and repair to a showcase of some of the most inspirational leather artisans working in the UK today. The swingtag will only offer general information about leather and will not offer any guarantee or qualification for the product itself

If you would like to be involved with the Swing Tag project please email: info@leatheruk.org

Download the Leather UK ‘Swing tag’ – Terms of Use Agreement

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