Workplace testing available for COVID-19

Leather UK member, Eurofins BLC Leather Technology Centre, has developed new laboratory facilities for a range of Safer@work COVID-19 testing and support services in response to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Until recently, testing capacity at the laboratory had been exclusively available to key workers. COVID testing is now available to workers in other industries and sectors, without impacting capacity for the NHS or emergency services in the UK. Eurofins can offer 3 distinct laboratory tests:

1. Test for the presence of the virus (antigen test).
2. Test for the presence of antibodies to the virus.
3. Test for the presence of the virus on environmental surfaces in the workplace.

The surface testing will be beneficial to any business preparing for staff returning to work. In addition, Eurofins BLC also offer workplace safety audits, which is a good way of reassuring all stakeholders that reasonable measures have been taken to ensure that the work place presents a low risk environment in terms of COVID-19.

For further information on the services and prices offered by Eurofins BLC, please see the PDF here COVID -19 Testing Leaflet

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