Why you should consider supporting Leather Naturally

The future of our business is at stake.

Many brands, designers, influencers and consumers no longer have a connection to leather. This disconnect has been deepened by unwarranted, misinformed and actively mendacious attacks by agenda groups such as PETA. As a result, the global consumption of leather is declining sharply. It is crucial then, that the leather industry has a united approach to promote leather and educate our customers and consumers about leather, on a global scale. Through a coordinated response involving the industry, its associations and its customers, this is the goal of Leather Naturally.

Leather UK is an associate member of Leather Naturally and unreservedly supports their goals. We ask that you consider strengthening the support of your association by becoming a direct member of Leather Naturally. Your annual investment will be USD $2,000, which will support Leather Naturally in its activities, the education and promotion of leather, on behalf of your industry.

In return, Leather Naturally offers the strength that comes through combining industry resources to:

  • Host and maintain a website that provides accurate information for anyone that wants to know about leather;
  • Create educational materials for anyone to download or use including co-branding;
  • Support through social media and press releases;
  • Visibility for your company on the Leather Naturally website;
  • Participation at industry trade fairs and events;
  • Wider promotion of leather through the global Metcha campaign.

You are also invited to consider making a financial contribution to the METCHA leather marketing campaign organised and managed by Leather Naturally. This campaign started in late July 2019 and has had millions of views of the leather-related social media and website content, targeted at younger generations, worldwide. This style of campaign, with its stylish content, informative interviews and interesting articles is what is needed to engage with younger generations and promote their interest in leather

It is important that the UK leather industry collaborates in the global battle to secure our future.

Thank you, we look forward to hearing from you at info@leathernaturally.org

With best regards,

Egbert Dikkers                                                                Kerry Senior

Chair, Leather Naturally                                      Director, Leather UK   

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