Where does leather come from?

You may be surprised to know that many people today believe that animals are only reared to make leather.

We find that the younger consumer can easily be persuaded that farmers are raising livestock for the sole purpose of creating clothing and footwear. Those of us in the industry are aware that leather is only a by-product of the meat and dairy industries and the creation of leather is the purest form of up-cycling of a raw material - but somehow the controversy spread by agenda organisations is easier to swallow.

We are creating a series of mini animation videos to educate the consumer about the origins and role of leather in today's world. The first one is here - stand by for two more in the near future. Please tell us what you think.

Join us - by supporting Leather UK, you will be contributing to our work to protect the identity of leather, to challenge the untruths spread by agenda organisations, to promote leather as a sustainable and beautiful product, and supporting our lobbying activities to ensure that the voice of industry is heard by government, both nationally and internationally.

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