What is leather and why does this matter?

A lot of the work we do is about defending leather; why it exists, how it is made and increasingly, why the correct labelling of leather and non-leather is so important.

There are daily reports of new materials being hailed as "leather" when they are nothing of the sort; be they made from apple waste, coffee grounds or grown in a lab. Adding the word "leather" after the new constituent lends the material instant understanding and cachet, so the hard work in convincing consumers of its provenance and likely performance is achieved with the addition of this trusted noun.

This purposeful labelling of new materials as leather is one of many examples of how the consumer is misled about the nature of leather and leather production. We published a document about this and redrafted it in line with our new brand identity.

It's always worth a read, have a look for yourself A4_Love leather-leaflet


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