What business issues do you need help with?

As you will see from our shiny new list of membership benefits, we are now offering access to Primary Authority advice to our members. This is where one local authority becomes the expert in all matters relating to a particular area or set of issues; and sets a legal precedent for future dealings for other authorities and businesses across the UK.

The leather industry has partnered with Cambridgeshire County Council as the go-to Primary Authority for all matters; be they to do with trading standards, environmental issues, weights and measures, consumer safety and a whole raft of other subjects. For £64 per hour charged in 15-minute blocks, our members can receive independent, non-biased and legally-binding advice which will be the last word on the subject.

UK Leather already support and promote the leather industry insofar as we can - so tell us, what are your issues and what would YOU like more help with? Please email us at info@uklf.org for a prompt and private reply.


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