We're changing.

It's time for change. We're two years in to our five year strategy and in order to deliver all of our plans we need to appeal to a wider audience.

The UK Leather Federation has existed in various iterations for 110 years, and our current style was created over a decade ago. We now live in an age which is dominated by clever brands that are delivered via myriad platforms, and all organisations are spoilt for choice in how to convey who they are and what they do. It's difficult to know where to start.

We have started our rebranding process by creating a diverse group of stakeholders from across the UK leather industry. We travelled thousands of miles this autumn to listen to what people want and we have surveyed two-dozen further individuals in the sector to see what they think we should be doing.

A brand is more than just a logo or a pretty website; it's a promise to fulfil a need. Our reason for existing is embodied in our brand and as things evolve in our industry, we must adapt to accommodate our new audiences. 

Our new look will be unveiled in the early part of next year - we can't wait to hear what you think.

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