UPDATES: Northern Ireland; Tariffs: Product Safety; movement of plants and animal products; transit

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The UK has left the EU, and the Brexit transition period comes to an end this year, in 9 days time. Take action now to get ready for new rules from January 2021.

Northern Ireland
Claim a waiver for duty on goods that you bring to Northern Ireland from Great Britain: Find out how to claim a waiver if you are bringing goods into Northern Ireland from Great Britain which might otherwise incur ‘at risk’ tariffs.
VAT: Value Added Tax in Northern Ireland: This tax information and impact note is about VAT amendments required to implement the Northern Ireland Protocol and (EU Exit) Regulations 2020 after 1 January 2020.
The Customs (Northern Ireland) (EU Exit) Regulations 2020: This tax information and impact note is about how customs duty charges will be calculated and arrangements for relief and repayment under the Taxation (Post-transition Period) Act 2020.

Further information on tariffs to trade with the UK from 1 January 2021: HS Commodity Codes Data Set

Product Safety and Metrology
Product safety and metrology from 1 January 2021: Great Britain Guide added on UK product safety and metrology: What’s changed from 1 January 2021 in relation to Great Britain?

Sub-sector specific movement of goods

Export or move live animals and animal products to the EU or Northern Ireland from 1 January 2021: Adding information about the Authorised traders list.
Importing and exporting plants and plant products from 1 January 2021: Adding information about the Authorised traders list.

Haulage and Transit
Community, Common Transit and TIR: newsletters Newsletters from HMRC containing updates and guidance on Community, Common Transit and Transport International Routiers (TIR); newsletter 4 about euro exchange rates from 1 January 2021 was added on Saturday

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