UK Leather welcomes 10 new members this quarter

UK Leather are delighted to welcome two student members and eight new Affiliate members to our ranks, with a dozen more lined up to join in the near future.

The Affiliate members are comprised of leather goods artisans from a range of backgrounds, a couple of whom are currently in the process of setting up their businesses and a couple who have been trading - and training others - successfully for years. These people are highly skilled and committed to their work, and we look forward to working with them in the future as we build our community of talented makers such as these. 

The student members are individuals training in the science of leather and also learning leathercraft from a leather master. We will be featuring further details of all our members as part of a series next year.

By supporting UK Leather, these organisations are contributing to our work to promote leather as a sustainable and beautiful product, to protect the identity of leather, to challenge the mistruths spread by agenda organisations, and to support our lobbying activities in order to ensure that the voice of industry is heard by government, both nationally and internationally. Our promotion of leather craft and involvement in the development of training in leather and leather good manufacture, will help to develop the next generation of makers and leather manufacturers.

For more details of our membership categories and benefits, please see here.

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