UK Leather & Leather Goods Industry 2019 Report

The UK leather industry is comprised of specialist, high end producers of automotive, upholstery, shoe upper and sole, gloving, chamois, equestrian leather and wet blue leather. The UK exports more than 80% of its leather production, with destinations in over 80 countries.

2019 brought no relief from the difficulties encountered in 2018, with global demand for leather falling and raw material prices plummeting, on the back of reduced demand. These effects were felt in the UK with trade in nearly all product groups, down. The combined value of exports of raw hides and skins, part-processed and finished leather fell by 20.8%, compared to 2018 (when values fell 14.9% vs 2017). Export values for raw materials and part-processed leather fell by over 30%, with finished leather exports down 9.11%. Export volumes of part-processed and finished leather were also reduced, reflecting the falling demand for leather. In contrast, export volumes of raw materials increased as buyers took advantage of lower prices to secure better quality raw materials.

Please see the following report for full details UK Leather & Leather Goods Industry 2019 Report

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