The Leather UK 2021-2026 Strategy

Leather UK is happy to share its strategy for the next five years Leather UK 2021-2026 Strategy

This has been developed through consultation with different stakeholders, including tanners, leather goods manufacturers, educators and leather advocacy groups. The strategy will inform the activities and objectives of Leather UK for the next five years.

The primary goal of the new strategy will be to promote leather in the UK, with a particular focus on getting our message out to the industry’s customers and consumers.  The strategy will build on the efforts of the membership to fill in the gaps in our understanding of the UK and wider leather industry, to develop resources around new and existing information, with the final goal of effective dissemination of that information and understanding to our customers and consumers.

The strategy is much less prescriptive than its predecessor as we are seeking to move towards a more cooperative model in which members contribute to addressing their issues of concern. As a result of the success of the previous strategy, Leather UK now has a much broader member base and as such, a broader range of priorities and interests to address. As such, we will be moving to a more collaborative way of working, with members and other organisations to share resources and cooperate on activities.

The UK leather industry is has a great story to tell, not only in terms of quality, innovation, craftsmanship and heritage, but also animal welfare, sustainability and environmental protection. Through our new strategy, Leather UK will ensure that this story is understood by our customers and consumers.

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