The implications of Brexit and Rules of Origin for the leather industry

UK Leather is involved in two separate dialogues with the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS), evaluating the implications of Brexit and the resultant changes to Rules of Origin for imports and exports.

BEIS has very little understanding of the leather industry and is seeking insight into our concerns regarding Brexit and impact on trade.

Brexit will clearly have significant implications for trade, not just with the EU but with the third countries that have FTAs with the EU, and which the UK currently benefits from. Equally, any changes to Rules of Origin, arising from negotiations of new trade agreements with the EU and the rest of the World, may have significant cost implications in terms of tariffs and duties.

BEIS is looking to the sector associations to provide the views of industry and to inform the negotiations of future trade agreements. As such, your opinion is of great importance; we cannot report the industry’s position without the industry’s input.

Please complete the two short questionnaires by following these links, Brexit and Rules of Origin by 22nd June 2018.

Please give as much detail as possible and add any relevant comments you wish to make. All responses will be treated as confidential and presented as either aggregated opinions or anonymously. The surveys can also be passed to your partners in the supply chain, if you feel that is appropriate.

Thank you.

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