The 2018 UK leather industry report

The UK leather industry is comprised of specialist, high end producers of automotive, upholstery, shoe upper and sole, gloving, chamois, equestrian leather and wet blue leather.

2018 was a difficult year for the global leather industry and the UK was no exception. Overall, total exports, including raw hides & skins, part-processed and finished leather, were down 14.9% in value and 11.9% in volume, compared to 2017. The large part of this was due to the fall in the value of raw material exports, which fell by 21.9%. This compares with the volume of raw material exports, which fell by 12.8%. The contrasting falls in value compared to volume, clearly indicate the steep downward trend in global raw material prices through 2018. Read more... UK Leather Industry in 2018

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