Ten leather alternatives put to the test

Read the full report here FILK study_March 2021

In recent years, leather alternatives have gained traction in the media with unsubstantiated claims of being: “better” than leather; better for the planet and; better for the consumer.

The umbrella organisation of European tanners' associations, COTANCE, wanted to know whether these alternatives can actually claim to have the same advantages as leather. Samples were procured and made available to the independent Research Institute for Leather and Synthetic Materials (FILK) in Freiberg. FILK was able to examine the material properties of ten of the most frequently referenced alternatives to leather.

The result of this study "Trend Alternatives for Leather" is now available (see hyperlink above). It won't be a shock for many, but none of the tested substitutes exhibited all of the performance characteristics of leather and some contained chemicals of concern.


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