Requirements for importers of chemicals under UK REACH

As you may be aware, at the beginning of next year, the UK will introduce its own version of the EU REACH regulations, UK REACH. This has important implications for anyone importing chemicals from the EU.

UK REACH is not linked to EU REACH. Under UK REACH, UK companies procuring chemicals from EU/EEA suppliers will be regarded as Importers, rather than Downstream Users as per EU REACH.

Anyone importing chemicals will have 300 days from the 1st of January to notify the UK authorities of those imports, by completing a preliminary substance registration. Thereafter, full registrations will have to be submitted within a 2, 4 or 6 year deadline, depending on the volume and/or hazard associated with the substance being imported.

As for REACH, volumes of less than one tonne per annum will not have to be registered un UK REACH but any other obligations under CLP will still apply.

For a full explanation of the requirements, please visit the HSE website, https://www.hse.gov.uk/brexit/scenario2.htm.

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