Publication of the Alternative Arrangements for the Irish Border Interim Report

The Alternative Arrangements for the Irish Border Interim Report was published on 24th June. This details the provisional arrangements for the Irish border after Brexit, including proposals for movement of animal by-products. The introduction to this 100-page report is as follows:

"The Brexit negotiations have hit an impasse which is politically and economically damaging. The uncertainty around Brexit’s outcome is putting the Belfast/Good Friday Agreement under stress. It is in the best interests of the UK, the Island of Ireland and the EU that the Withdrawal Agreement process is concluded, thus avoiding a No Deal scenario, and that the UK and EU can get on with negotiating their Future Economic Partnership (FEP). In order to achieve this, it will be necessary to conclude the Withdrawal Agreement process.

Attempts to pass a meaningful vote on the Withdrawal Agreement concluded by the UK and EU governments as it currently stands have failed. The only substantive indication that has passed the parliament by a majority is the Brady amendment, which passed the Withdrawal Agreement, provided alternative arrangements replace the Irish backstop. Our work builds on this, and also the Withdrawal Agreement’s own reference to Alternative Arrangements and the Interpretation given by Attorney General Geoffrey Cox which also referred to alternative arrangements, specifically technical solutions, existing administrative techniques and technology".

Read the full report here AAC-Interim-Report

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