Points-based immigration system for the UK

Please see the following link:  New immigration system: what you need to know for more information about the UK’s points-based immigration system; the link will be updated with more information in coming weeks. Please see here for the full document UK_Points-Based_System_Further_Details_Web_Accessible.

Regrettably, the government has adopted the conclusions of Migration Advisory Committee (MAC), with regards to the minimum requirements for skilled workers. These are:

  • English language
  • Skills equivalent to RQF3 (A level or equivalent)
  • Minimum salary of £25,600

This could exclude many of the tannery workers, whose skills are not readily measurable, from coming to the UK to work. There are circumstances where the salary threshold can be reduced  - such as MAC-recognised skills shortages and new entrants – but the minimum threshold will always be £20,480.

Employers will also now be obliged to the Immigration Skills Charge for all migrant workers, including those from the EU.

Please let us know of any concerns or issues arising from the new system.


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