Please RSVP for the Leather Industry Dinner on 6th June

We're looking forward to seeing our members and friends at the Leather Industry Dinner at Leathersellers Hall in Bishopsgate, on Thursday 6th June.

There is very limited seating available and as such, we have had to be very stringent with invitations. Please confirm your attendance as soon as possible in order that we can assign the seating plan.

You won't be surprised to find that as a livery company dating back many hundreds of years, there is an order to the way things are done at this type of event! You may find this etiquette guide very useful, and here is further detail on the current Master & Wardens.

We really hope you can attend the event and gain a lot from meeting the wide range of individuals and organisations within our great British leather industry. We have a fascinating after dinner speaker lined up, and look forward to meeting you next month!

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