More controversy from Helsinki Fashion Week

As we refer to in our 23rd July article "Defending the leather industry - again", the leather industry is under constant attack, sometimes by those who should be able to see the benefits of using this sustainable, readily available waste material.

Discussing the recent decision by Helsinki Fashion Week to ban leather with our colleagues at COTANCE, ILM and Leather Naturally, we concur fully with the latter's statement shown below.

The decision by Helsinki Fashion Week (HFW) to ban leather makes no sense in terms of sustainability or environment and is a sad reflection on the way we trade in false facts and propaganda to persuade sensible organisations to abandon their own principles.

As we are well aware, leather is a by-product of the meat industry and as such the ultimate recycled material. In a world that needs materials that are not derived from finite resources it is not clear from the statement what HFW sets down as determining factors for sustainability and if it will similarly ban synthetics and materials based on fossil fuels.

Please see here for the full article.

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