Milly Fyfe makes a mum-mentous decision

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Following her appointment as UK Leather Business Development Manager last summer, Milly Fyfe took maternity leave in October 2017 to have her son Angus, with the intention of returning in August 2018.

As is often the way with huge life changes, Milly has reviewed her options and announced her resignation from the role. Milly explains it was "a hard decision to leave in some ways as I loved the job and have always been so career focussed. However, after having Angus my whole world has completely changed and it was the easiest decision to want to spend as much time with my little boy as possible". All those with children will share that sentiment - the time goes too fast!

Milly brought with her a wealth of knowledge and experience gained in a career concerning rural and farming issues. Former NFYFC Chairman and R.A.B.I East Midlands regional manager, Milly made huge strides with promoting British leather and ensured the UK Leather strategy got off to a flying start.

Milly says "I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know the UKLF membership and gain a better understanding of the leather industry. I have decided to spend my time on the farm and bring Angus up whilst concentrating on a few projects including our pork meat box scheme and promoting our sheepskin rugs". You'll be missed Milly - but we can all keep in touch with what's happening on the farm @millyfyfe on Twitter.

The UK Leather board voted in favour of retaining Jessica Aiers in the permanent role, following her incumbency during Milly's maternity leave. Jessica has worked for a range of clients in very different industry sectors, ranging from the global automotive giant Ford Motor Company to most recently the heritage charity sector, creating an entirely new tourism product called Champing™.

Jessica is enjoying the role immensely and really looking forward to delivering key objectives in the UK Leather strategy, including projects which she is keeping firmly up her sleeve at present - but advises everyone to watch this space!


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