METCHA.com campaign reaches new heights in October

The recently launched ultra-cool website aimed at Gen Z metcha.com "A digital-based magazine aimed at bringing together young creative minds from around the globe" has been a viral hit for Leather Naturally, who released the following eye-popping stats in their monthly report for October:

  • Their leather-related content was seen more than 23 million times on Facebook and Instagram, an increase of 35% on September.
  • In October, there was only 200 mentions of the word "leather" in all of their content.
  • Their Facebook page reached an audience of 50,000 people, an increase of 305% on September.
  • Their Instagram content had 427,000 interactions, 133% more than the previous month.
  • The website achieved 199,556 sessions since launch in late July.

Impressive results!

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