Leather UK, BFA and Community Union webinar invitation

Join our interactive webinar with leading health & safety expert Huw Jenkin Jones as he shares new information, a monitoring system and discusses with you experiences, pitfalls and good practice to improve our sectors resilience to the ongoing threat of the coronavirus.

To find out more join us on Wednesday 18th November at 11.00am
. Register here

We will be discussing:

  • Business Continuity & Liability Concerns
  • Test & Trace System Implications
  • Risk Assessment & Following-Up Notifications of Suspected Employee Infection
  • Due Diligence Management and Hygiene Audits
  • Public and Contractor Visits
  • Emergency & Business Continuity Plans
  • Enhanced Covid Protection Precautions
  • Sharing Good Practice and Learning Experiences.

Bring your own business challenges and experiences to this interactive session where we will work together to determine the best course of action to ensure your business can continue to operate, even in the case of a Covid-19 outbreak amongst your workforce.

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