Leather UK attend cross-border dialogue about tanning industry

On 18th November in Brussels The 3rd Steering Committee of the Social and Environmental Report (SER2020) project was held and industry partners discussed the first outcomes of the recent survey to European tanners.

This project is a follow up to the very successful report produced in 2012. This body of work is very important in presenting the UK and EU leather sectors to our stakeholders and to government. The ability to demonstrate the high levels of social and environmental practice associated with our sector is clearly of value in reassuring our customers that the leather they buy in Europe is manufactured to the highest possible standards. An accurate and current overview of the size and activity of the sector is also essential in our approaches to governments, demonstrating that, while small, we are part of an important and valuable supply chain, creating wealth and jobs in the UK and EU.

We look forward to hearing more in due course.

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