Leather training opportunities now on the Leather UK Directory

We're delighted to announce that we have added details of leather training workshops and courses to our Leather UK Directory.

Drawing on knowledge about our members and with additional internet research, we have listed over 30 businesses across the country who offer anything from a half-day to a weekly session. The courses are currently listed roughly in alphabetical order as our website developers do the more fiddly bits behind the scenes, but you can see the location of each course in brackets after their name.

We understand that at the time of publishing this during the lockdown period of the Coronavirus pandemic, a trip to a cosy leather workshop is looking unlikely in the near future. You might be pleased to know that some individuals, such as Nigel from Armitage Leather are hosting live tutorials online and many offer a range of YouTube videos - have a look at their websites for this great way to brush up your skills!

If your company details are not listed on the Training section of the Leather UK Directory and you would like them to be, please email info@leatheruk.org. Similarly, if your company details are listed but you don't like what you see, email us with the amends.

Please register your leather business on the Leather UK Directory. It's free and easy to add your details to. Just look here and you may find this updated user guide helpful leatherUK-directory-user-guide-Apr2020_updated

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