Italy obtains legal protection for leather

The Italians have obtained legal protection for the term leather, including banning oxymoronic terms like "vegan leather".

The new law does not only set out more correct terminology: it also imposes a ban on the use of the terms “leather” (“pelle” e “cuoio” in Italian). The new legislative decree "contains provisions that exclusively concern the essential composition requirements that the products and objects manufactured with them must satisfy in order to be placed on the market. The aim is to have a clear, unambiguous indication of the materials used and eliminate potential obstacles to proper market operation," according to the Italian trade association UNIC.

This is a hugely significant development for the global leather industry, and work continues to push this legislation through in other countries. See the full press release here PressRelease-UNIC ITALIAN TANNERIES WINS THE BATTLE

Bravo, ottimo lavoro!

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