Is not knowing how to tweet holding your business back?

Like it or not, social media is here to stay and affects our working lives as well as personal.

With 126 million daily users, there is plenty of positive, relevant traffic on Twitter and we use it as a platform for viewing and sharing pertinent leather industry news.

We have feedback from our membership that not knowing how to use Twitter is the only reason for lack of engagement. Having mastered it ourselves, we would like to help others and plan to write a Leather UK Quick Guide on how to use the platform. The nuts and bolts approach, so that in a few steps you can see how it can add value to your business. If this proves helpful for our members, we'll do the same for Instagram and others platforms.

It's not all aggravation and name-calling on Twitter - if you'd like to receive our Quick Guide tutorial, email info@leatheruk.org - and we'll get writing!


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