All that glitters is not gold...(it's leather)

By Jessica Aiers, Business Development Manager, UKLF

The award-winning contemporary leather jewellery designer Tania Clarke-Hall describes the appeal of working with leather as a "happy medium between metal and textiles".

With a background in chemistry and silversmithing, citing an adult education course and working for designer Paul Seville as the catalyst for her love of this type of innovative design, Tania was more than happy to showcase some very lovely examples of her work in her creative studio in Cockpit Arts in Holborn, pictured above.

Tania hand-crafts beautifully sculptural, geometric jewellery in her signature colours. The pieces are deceptively simple in design - often utilising only one continuous strip of leather - but the impact is of a piece of wearable art. Tania uses her unique vision and a range of innovative techniques to shape and decorate the leather into any number of moulded forms that show the leather to its best advantage, such as the Stacking necklace and innovative Falling Circles earrings.

With her collections being shown and stocked across Europe and the USA, teaching courses underway and many an exhibition to organise, Tania is incredibly friendly and approachable and is looking to increase her network within the British leather industry. Expect to hear more about her from us next year!

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