Free legal advice is available to Leather UK members

We had an occasion recently when a member of ours experienced a bad debtor situation. With not much of a paper trail and after borrowing money to expedite goods for a customer, our member was left with both the goods and the large debt incurred to provide this service.

We were able to offer a legal advice solution that we have negotiated with our law firm on behalf of our members. In each instance, the member will be entitled to a free of charge and no-obligation telephone attendance with a lawyer specialising in the issue in question.  If, following the helpline assistance, the member requires no further input, the member will not be charged nor contacted further on the matter; but should the member wish to instruct the firm to carry out further work, the member will receive a minimum 15% discount on the firm’s standard fees.

Please email info@leatheruk.org for further information.

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