Dr Frank Mitloehner explains the true science behind the livestock debate

There are a great many myths about leather and its impact on the planet. Part of the argument against using leather is the alleged pollution and damage to the environment done by industrialised livestock; you may have seen The Guardian received a grant to mount an anti-industrial farming agenda.

The EAT Lancet report made plenty of noise and did plenty of damage to popular perception of the link between livestock, diet and ecological disaster when published earlier this year, which is based on flawed data and riddled with inconsistencies. The most rigorous opponent of this report is Dr Frank Mitloehner from the University of California, who's work is best seen on his Twitter account.

Dr Mitloehner spoke at the The Role of Ruminants in Sustainable Diets conference in Dresden on 21st June 2019, where he spells out the  facts about greenhouse gases, our agricultural land mass and changes to population and diet. It’s absolutely fascinating and well worth the time to watch (it’s an hour long). If you are involved in the leather industry and would like to be informed about the debate regarding keeping livestock, eating meat and /or making leather, make a cup of tea and prepare to be enlightened!

You can watch the full video here The 2050 Challenge - Can We Eat our Way out of Climate Change?,

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