COVID-19 updates now for Leather UK members only

After much thought we have decided to only provide the daily government bulletins and guidance for business and employers to our Leather UK members. This is in order to maximise the value we offer to our members during these difficult times. Providing a public service is for organisations who are publicly funded, which we are not.

There has never been a better time to become a member of Leather UK. With a new brand, website, the Leather UK Directory and a plethora of other resources such as our animation series, infographics and leather factsheets which are in production at present, we have all the information you need.

Our events programme, currently frozen due to the ongoing pandemic, operates several regional and national events, such as the annual Leathersellers Industry Dinner.

Our membership rates compare very favourably with similar organisations and we are the only trade association which has promoted, protected and connected leather in the UK since 1908.

We currently have a free prize draw for all Associate and Affiliate members, to win a place on the Creative Leather Applications course at the ICLT in Northampton, June 2021. Leather UK Associate membership is for businesses with a turnover greater than the £85,000 VAT threshold and costs £300 +VAT per annum. Affiliate membership is intended for smaller operations turning over less than £85,000 and costs £120 + VAT per annum, with a 50% discount applied for the first year. A direct debit facility is available for all Leather UK members, meaning that the cost can be split over 12 months. To find out more and apply for membership please see here.

For full terms and conditions of the free prize draw, see here.

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