Business Readiness Bulletin – Transition Period 

Please see below the Business Readiness Bulletin, and also some additional pertinent updates – both related to COVID-19 and future trade.

C-19 borders and quarantine regulation
DHSC’s detailed guidance on self-isolation: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/coronavirus-covid-19-how-to-self-isolate-when-you-travel-to-the-uk/coronavirus-covid-19-how-to-self-isolate-when-you-travel-to-the-uk
Online locator form: https://www.gov.uk/provide-journey-contact-details-before-travel-uk (QR code in document here 080620_QR Code for Passenger Locator Form_FINAL)

Further to the legislation and guidance we sent you earlier in the week, please see below specific legislation and guidance for devolved administrations

Legislation - http://www.legislation.gov.uk/wsi/2020/574/contents/made
Guidance - https://gov.wales/foreign-travel-and-returning-home (This just instructs you to visit the gov.uk page and will be updated)

Legislation - http://www.legislation.gov.uk/ssi/2020/169/contents/made
Guidance - https://www.gov.scot/publications/coronavirus-covid-19-public-health-checks-at-borders/

The key difference to guidance for England – the fine for the first offence (failing to self-isolate) is £480 instead of £1000.  Exemptions (for those staying in Scotland) do not include Frontier Workers, Healthcare workers (in relation to non-covid healthcare).

Northern Ireland
Legislation - http://www.legislation.gov.uk/nisr/2020/90/contents/made
Guidance - https://www.nidirect.gov.uk/articles/coronavirus-covid-19-travel-advice

Future trade
New measures to support customs intermediaries
HMRC has unveiled a new package of measures to accelerate growth of the UK’s customs intermediary sector.

Importing animals, animal products and high-risk food and feed not of animal origin from a non-EU country, from 1 January 2021
What businesses  need to do to import animals, animal products, high-risk food and feed into the UK from 1 January 2021. Find out more here.

Importing and exporting plants and plant products from 1 January 2021
How to trade in plants and plant products, including trees, inside and outside the EU from 1 January 2021. Find out more here.

List of customs agents and fast parcel operators from 1 January 2021
Find customs agents and fast parcel operators who can help a business submit customs declarations from 1 January 2021. The list has been updated to include additional customs agents and fast parcel operators. Find out more here.

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