Bridge of Weir Leather Company is named Queen’s Award winner for International Trade

Bridge of Weir Leather Company was honoured with one of the world’s most prestigious awards for international trade.

The announcement marks the fifth time Bridge of Weir Leather Company has been named a Queen’s Award winner, always in the International Trade category, with the previous award made in 2012. (Queen’s Award for Enterprise honours were also received in 2000, 1996 and 1985).

In the announcement made by the Queen’s Awards it was stated that: “Historically, the Bridge of Weir roots can be traced back to 1758, although the Bridge of Weir Leather Company started trading in 1905 and has one of Europe’s largest leather production facilities. The company is part of the Scottish Leather Group and is the only UK leather manufacturer specialising in the automotive industry. The company has operations in the USA and China to support local customers, and strong markets in Germany, Canada and Poland. Initiatives like its unique and industry-leading sustainability strategy have led to new business, particularly with eco car manufacturers. Overseas sales have grown by 74% over the last three years and the proportion of sales exported has increased to 90% of total sales. The company wins the Queen’s Award for International Trade for Outstanding Short Term Growth in overseas sales in the last three years.”

Commenting on the Award, Bridge of Weir Managing Director, Karen Marshall, said: “In the three years of trade that this award represents, from 2015, Bridge of Weir Leather Company has embarked on a number of ambitious business developments. From work on our brand, image and design work internationally, to sustainable innovations and, as is the subject of this award, expansion overseas. None of these developments have been without heavy investment or risk, and this award is an endorsement of these ambitions and their reception by the international auto industry. We now have further overseas partnerships in Latin America, to add to existing operations in China, Europe and North America. This Award is a huge source of pride for our company and it is down to the hard work of each and every individual within the business – all of whom deliver the outstanding quality, craftsmanship and service we are recognised for.”

Bridge of Weir Leather Company is the largest automotive leather supplier in the UK, competes in the top 10 globally, and has been at the forefront of innovation and quality for over a century. Starting with the Model T Ford in the early 20th century, the company now supplies the global automotive industry and its greatest brands and products that are household names around the world. The company’s leather has been a major export from Scotland for 70 years, with 90% of its product now sold overseas to more than 30 countries spanning the globe.

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