BFA Webinars - "Restart – Workforce Planning"

Our colleagues at the British Footwear Association (BFA) have organised two free webinars, to help businesses with getting back to work during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The first webinar will be at 1100 on the 20th of May and will deal with preparing staff to come back to work after furlough. The second will be at 1100 on the 22nd of May and will cover the H&S considerations for your workplace during COVID-19. Please see further details from the BFA below.

Restart – Workforce Planning Webinar - Wednesday, May 20th 11am - 12 noon 
"Preparing your staff and business as they come off furlough and get back to work."

The British Footwear Association is pleased to offer you this webinar in conjunction with Petaurum Solutions. Adam and Mark from Petaurum return to discuss with BFA members the considerations you need to make to prepare for your business and staff for coming off furlough and back to work.
We will be discussing communication with employees, customer facing messaging and running an optimal supply chain as well as tackling the following topics;
*  Resources vs demand
*  Your H&S requirements/ratios (fire wardens, first aiders etc.)
*  The checks and balances you may need to build into your plans
*  A look at retraining or restructuring with the lead times that will need to be built in
* Considering any changes that might need to be made to employment contracts

Please register in advance for this webinar here.

Restart – Workplace Planning Webinar - Friday, May 22nd 11am - 12 noon 
"Preparing your work location to ensure you create a Covid-Secure environment for staff as they get back to work."

The British Footwear Association is pleased to offer you this webinar in conjunction with Huw Jenkyn Jones. Huw Jenkyn Jones is a leading Health & Safety expert and the latest partner to join BFA to best support our members. Join Huw and I as we help you consider how to prepare your office, factory, warehouse and retail store for staff returning to work and, carriers and callers visiting you. We will be discussing the reasonable measures and precautions you need to make to mitigate risks within your work environment and will be looking at:
* How you can reduce any risks
* What to do if someone is unwell whilst at work & your isolation process
* Reducing germs & virus transmission from surfaces
* Making sure everyone keeps to social distance
* Supporting staff & particularly any vulnerable colleagues
* Sustaining these controls
* How to add Covid-19 to your current risk assessment process

Please register in advance for this webinar here.

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