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The METCHA campaign is the only global advocacy and promotion campaign for leather and has been working very hard to bring Gen-Z and Millenial consumers back to leather products. They will be presenting the results for the past year of their industry-sponsored campaign, in a webinar next week (see below for further details).

There is of course, a cost for these campaigns and  ongoing success of METCHA will depend on support from the industry. As such, I would ask that you join the webinar and consider supporting a continuation of the Metcha campaign.

Dr Kerry Senior
Director - Leather UK


Dear Supporter,

Over the last 18 months, Leather Naturally and its METCHA campaign created a movement to connect with young audiences, interacting with their values and lifestyles while promoting exciting content about leather. This was only possible with the generous support of so many proactive sponsors from across our industry.

While achieving significant results for our industry – building an audience of over 2,4 million people and creating thousands of leather related content – this project needs to continue for many more years to strengthen the connection with younger consumers and making leather a relevant item in their purchasing habits and lifestyle.

For this reason, we would like to formally invite you to a webinar where we will be presenting some of the results achieved so far and discuss the way forward.

The webinar is going to be held by ILM on November 11th , at 1:00pm GMT (8:00am EST), and your participation can be confirmed through the link below:


We appreciate your support and engagement and look forward to discussing this important project with you.

Metcha Management Team
Fernando Bellese, Gillian Tang, Julien Boutet and Marta Fabiani

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