A new strapline for leather in Europe?

Our European association COTANCE are looking for your help with creating a strapline that best promotes the superior qualities of leather.

They wish to involve the industry's stakeholders and have asked all members for their ideas - and we're asking you. Because you're worth it. After all, impossible is nothing and every little helps. Think different.

In order to channel your inner Don Draper whilst preventing a Boaty McBoatface situation, see if you can spot the popular straplines throughout this email.

COTANCE wish to receive entries  by the end of June. That's a tight deadline - but impossible is nothing. Just do it. They'll either love it or hate it.

The feedback from the national consultation will be shared and the Autumn Council will vote on the preferred new COTANCE strapline. I'm lovin' it.

Please discuss with your colleagues - it's good to talk - then email your ideas to jessicaaiers@uklf.org. We look forward to hearing from you - but don't be evil. Thanks!

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