Introducing sampleroom

On 19 April 2021 APLF will launch sampleroom, a brand-new B2B social networking marketplace for suppliers to unveil their collections, connect with buyers and accelerate business. The platform provides year-round product sourcing and business matching services to both suppliers and buyers.

sampleroom will bring together international suppliers of leather, hides and skins, machinery, chemicals, components, manufacturing equipment and supplies, fashion items, footwear, and garments.

“The name comes from sample room, an important place where design and innovation come to life,” said Grace Lee, APLF’s Director, “every fashion house, material or component producer, chemicals or machinery manufacturer has their own sample room. It is the go-to place where designers, specifiers and producers gather to develop the next collection, and review their prototypes. With this core concept in mind, APLF aims at re-creating this experience online through our new sourcing platform - sampleroom.

The much-anticipated platform will officially be live on 19 April, along with a one-week launching event from April 19 to 23. Over 30 webinars will be held during the launching week with industry experts and professionals sharing their knowledge and insights on topics on trends, sustainability, retail and innovations. Buyers can start pre-registering for the launching week by clicking here.

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