Clarification on COVID-19 business shut downs 31st March 2020

Please find the link to the updated Government advice for employers and businesses here.

Note that, at this time, there is no requirement for any business to stop operating, with the exception of those businesses specified in the Government’s list of businesses required to close.

The latest advice states:  "With the exception of some non-essential shops and public venues, we are not asking any other businesses to close – indeed it is important for business to carry on.
However, you should encourage your employees to work from home unless it is impossible for them to do so.

Sometimes this will not be possible, as not everyone can work from home. Certain jobs require people to travel to their place of work – for instance if they operate machinery, work in construction or manufacturing, or are delivering front line services".

There is also guidance on what to do if an employee become ill, sick pay and assisting employees who need to take time off to care for others.

Please keep us up to date with how you are coping with the current conditions, if you have furloughed employees and if you intend to temporarily shut down.

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