Our European association, COTANCE, is representing the interests of the tanning sector in the EU-funded, ‘Skills4Smart TCLF Industries 2030’ Blueprint, a strategic 4-year Erasmus+ project. The project will require the input of industry and training bodies to succeed.

The MAIN OBJECTIVES of the project are:
• Update training to better match industry needs;
• Upgrading the image of careers in the Textile, Clothing, Leather and Footwear (TCLF) sectors to attract new workers , in particular young talent;
• Create a dynamic community of private and public actors across Europe committed to support skills development and employment opportunities within a common EU-wide skills strategy.

Why join?

Leather and leather goods manufacturers - The active involvement of companies is essential for the upskilling of your workers. By working together, we will better understand your needs, anticipate challenges and explore opportunities which may directly influence your competitiveness and growth. Your staff will benefit from pilot training and new courses that will be designed thanks to your experience and involvement.

Training and education providers - Skills shortage, digitalisation, ageing-workforce, attracting the next generation are just some of the major challenges facing the leather and leather goods industries. These manufacturing sectors need updated curricula and innovative learning methods to ensure key skills and knowledge for their workers. Join us and with the support of the European Commission, we will work together on the upskilling of our TCLF workforce.

Don’t miss this opportunity! Register and take an active part!

Please share this with any contacts you have in the TCLF sector.

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