Member Benefit - Helpline legal services

Helpline Legal Services

UK Leather has recently agreed a deal with leading commercial law firm Howes Percival to offer  a legal helpline service to our members.

What is included?
In general terms the areas in which the helpline services are offered relate to dispute resolution and regulatory compliance/enforcement.

In each instance the member will be entitled to a free of charge and no obligation telephone attendance with a lawyer specialising in the issue in question.

If, following the helpline assistance, the member requires no further input from Howes Percival, the member will not be charged nor contacted further the matter; but should the member wish to instruct Howes Percival to carry out further work in connection with the matter, the member will be afforded a minimum 15% discount on the firm’s standard fees, on items such as:

Creditor/Debtor Issues
Contractual Disputes
Property/Premises Disputes
Health and Safety
Fire Safety
Other Legal and Regulatory Compliance Issues
Motoring Matters and Offences

UK Leather already support the British leather industry – what are your issues and what would YOU like more help with?

Please email info@uklf.org or call Jessica on 07591 207375

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