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Woodland Tannery

The Woodland Tannery is a small, family run Traditional Tannery. One of Scotland’s last Tanneries to produce traditional rawhide and bark tan leather.
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The processes that we use are based on Scotland’s rich history of leather tanning and forestry. Our highly sustainable enterprise relies on the use of natural materials such as oak and willow bark sourced locally from rural Estates. Our Tannery, unlike many others, uses only natural materials and traditional methods.

Our leather is produced from hides and skins, utilising fish skins from Scotland’s finest smoke salmon suppliers, sheepskins from small crofts and deer hides from Estates, Farms and Scotland's wild landscape. We produce various types of leather and hides, specialising in high quality rawhide for drum making, buckskin, sheepskin rugs, bark tan leather and deer hide rugs.

We also produce bespoke orders for leatherworkers, crafters, shooting Estates, distilleries, museums, drum makers and small holders - and provide a variety of experiences and courses based on traditional Scottish hide tanning and ancient crafts


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