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Winganna Lambskin

The Winganna Lambskin is the ultimate in luxury. Our Winganna Baby Lambskin has been specially handpicked for it’s dense wool which provides the ultimate in comfort for your baby or child.
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Baby sleeping on sheepskin blanket
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Many parents from around the world have discovered the amazing properties of lambskins and the benefits it brings to both babies and parents. They are ideal for newborns upwards.

Our natural lambskins are produced by a Company in the Southwest of England, where our mild, wet climate produces a uniquely soft dense and resilient skin. The lambskins are carefully selected and specially processed for use with babies. The wool of the lambskin has been sheared to give firm mattress support and then carefully combed to remove any loose fibres so there is no danger of babies picking up bits of fluff or breathing in long fibres. Each lambskin is subject to stringent quality control.


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