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Identity Leathercraft

Identity Leathercraft started life as The Identity Store, founded by Peter and Jackie Laight in 2002 to help people express their identity through the things they make from leather.
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The company has grown and with it our collective experience and knowledge of the properties and methods for making and using leather as a craft material. So whatever you would like to make, repair or invent out of leather this is the store for you.

As well as online you can find us at shows and events around the country. Although we don’t have an official retail store you are very welcome to visit our stock room and collect orders and choose your leathers, many of which are special one-offs that do not make it onto the website.

Twice a year we hold a National Leather Sale – a large event with the opportunity to browse the largest selection of different leathers in the UK, with leathers from different tanneries and bag and shoe leather pieces from some of the high end UK makers.


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