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Aforce London

Production of leather goods is our speciality, so we take care of all aspects and want to provide the ultimate experience for our clients.


AForce London is a manufacturing hub specialising in luxury leather goods. With over 120 machines under one roof, our mission is to offer an end to end service, from concept to finalised piece, all under one roof, here in the UK. You no longer need to outsource all the various elements and worry about lead time involved; we are here to provide an end-to-end service exceptionally & efficiently. 

We have in-house designers on hand to assist in creating your design and executing it, a team of specialists who can convert your designs into a machine compatible format, as well as leather craftsmen with a wide range of knowledge, to guide and assist you.

Sustainability is the core of our actions and through our in-house program- Leather Force we continuously work to create a circular journey for the leather. Our program aims to revolutionise the image of the leather industry and to rebound designers with leather. We strive to reduce the impact of leather in landfills through efficient refashioning and repurposing of leather excess.

AForce Designer Space is our commitment to the future of the industry. Supporting the deeply rooted heritage of luxury leather goods is our core mission so we have dedicated space for the most passionate and creative minds! Our advanced and readily available equipment will help you implement and execute your projects, excel in crafts, all while learning about sustainability in the leather industry. Please visit our website for a direct link to book the space with access to a wide range of machinery specialised in the production of luxury leather goods.


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